Links to articles published in beer-studies awaiting a general presentation :


Beer among the Ashuars of the Amazon (Jivaros) ; Phlippe Descola described the practical and symbolic organisation of the Ashuar house in its relationship to the brewing of cassava beer, water and the roles of women and men in Ashuar society. The Ashuar symbolic representations are quite complex.

The Amerindians of the Rio de la Plata in the 16th century : the Amerindians of the Rio de la Plata in the 16th century : their very different beers (made from manioc, maize or carob), their social organisations and their resistance to the Spanish conquest around 1536.

The carob beers of the Amerindians of the Argentinean pampas : the little known story of the Amerindians of the Argentinean pampas (Mapuches, Tehuelches, Puelches, Pehuenches, ...) and their beer of Prosopis, the pseudo carob tree of Argentina.

Mabi, an ancient sweet potato beer from the Caribbean : the story of a sweet potato beer brewed by the Carib Indians, which successively became a fermented beverage for Europeans in the 16-17th centuries, a beverage reserved for slaves in the 18-19th centuries, a beverage relegated to the status of "beer only for natives", before falling into almost total oblivion in the 20th century. A revealing evolution of the course of native beers since the beginnings of European colonisation.

Beer and drinking among the Dogons of Mali. Eric Jolly analyses the role of beer among the Dogons, their drinking manners and the cohabitation of traditional African beers with industrial beer.

The rice beer and the great sacrifice of the buffalo among the Mnong of Vietnam : the Mnong are among the indigenous peoples living in the mountainous regions of Vietnam, great rice farmers and rice beer drinkers. Their collective festivals and religious ceremonies give a central role to rice beer, which is brewed, stored in large jars and consumed according to specific social rules.


25/11/2020  Christian Berger