This Resources section lists books, studies, media, websites, museums, institutions, etc.. dedicated to the beer and the Brewing history.

It deals only with comprehensive studies. General papers about drinks, alcohol, mere compilations, and journalistic dispatches are excluded, except when an original or relevant content is obvious. Similarly, the abundant scientific literature on biochemical beer compounds, the scientific methods for beer analysis, and the laboratory processes are put aside. Many websites offer better and fresher informations about such topics than Beer-Studies can achieve.

The references dealing with more specific topics are cited in footnotes inside each page or article published by Beer-Studies. They are not cited again in the present bibliographical reference lists. These are for example the "indirect sources" : travels accounts, ethnological monographies, institutional or private archives, historical documents, reports of archaeological excavations, ... In the present reference lists, the sources are divided by geographical zones (regions, countries, local history) that cover the main historical and proto-historical brewing Areas of the beer planet. The most relevant sources are bolded. Some comments explain how or why documents contribute to the history of beer and brewing. These comments do not consider the specific qualities of the papers or book.

No language is favored, although the references in English, German, French and Spanish are dominating. The History of beer is concerned by four continents and spans over many thousands years backward. Hence, the documents and studies about beer originate (or should come) from every cultural backgrounds in the world.

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22/05/2020  Christian Berger